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Inflateables Prohibited On City Property


As a reminder, all inflateables are prohibited on City property which includes all City Parks. This is not a new policy and is clearly stated in the V.T. and Rita Rogers Building Rental Rules found on our website (V.T. and Rita Rogers Building Rules). These are also handed out to any citizen who puts up a deposit and rents the building.

We have been asked about events, such as the Jaycee Community Day, in which inflateables are used in Meatte Park. An organization that holds an event in a City park must have event insurance with the City of Portageville listed as a certificate holder. The event must be open to all members of the public as it is being held in a City park. The insurance paperwork must be submitted to City Hall before the event takes place. If inflateables are to be used, it must clearly state that inflateables are covered on the certificate of liability.