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Winter Weather Approaching


This afternoon, City officials participated in a conference call with Paducah National Weather Service and other regional officials in regard to an update on impending winter weather. As of now, National Weather Service expects our area to experience between 0.25 and 0.50 inches of freezing rain through Thursday evening. Keep in mind these are early predictions and could possibly be higher. Our area is expected to reach record low temperatures following this weather event. Portageville will experience temperature within the single digits throughout the weekend.
As all of us have memories of the 2009 Ice Storm and its' aftermath, it is important that our citizens take stock and prepare for this weather event. The City of Portageville recommends the following:
1. Limit travel - City employees will be working hard to keep the streets as free from ice as possible, but travel during this time may be hazardous.
2. Have a plan - In the event that the City experiences electrical interruptions during this event, have a plan in place to ride out the outage of go to where you can be warm (friends, family, etc.) City officials will be monitoring the situation and set up warming centers if necessary.
3. Be prepared - As always have at least three days worth of food available to you and your family. Also make sure your vehicle has fuel and your prescriptions are filled.
4. Check on those most at risk - Check on those who may not have the ability to properly prepare for this event. Our community has always looked out for one another and taken care of those who may be in need.
5. Let your water drip - Due to the extreme record-setting cold due to impact this weekend, the City is suggesting that residents leave at least one faucet dripping with cold water at your home. This will help prevent frozen and busted water lines.
Our community is familiar with the challenges mother nature sometimes presents us with. As always, I am amazed with the resiliency and care that Portageville residents show in overcoming these challenges... as I fully expect us to do again.
City officials and employees will continue to monitor the situation and are ready to assist in any way that we can.
God Bless.