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Postal Service Regulations


The City has received several inquiries as to mail delivery changes that are being implemented by the US Postal Service. After speaking with the Postmaster in Portageville, the City has been made aware of certain Postal Regulation changes that may effect your home delivery service. These include:

- Rental Property: All rental property that has "door" delivery and has a new resident move in will be required to switch to "road" delivery. In short, if you move into a rental property and the mail box is on the residence, the Postal Service now requires that a mailbox be put by your road for home delivery.

- New Residents: All new homeowners, regardless if the residence is newly constructed or not, are required to have "road" delivery.

- Dog at Large: By federal postal regulations, mail carriers that encounter dogs on a customer's property, regardless if that dog is chained up or not, will be required to switch to "road delivery. The Postal Service has also instituted a policy that if a mail carrier encounters a dog roaming freely on their route, they are required to report that to their supervisors. The Postal Service will then send notice and require ALL residents of that neighborhood to switch to road delivery. The definition of what constitutes a "neighborhood" is determined  by the US Postal Service.

- Hardship: In the event that "road delivery" causes a hardship for the customer, for instance a customer who is physically unable to retrieve mail from a roadside mailbox, the Postal Service will consider a hardship waiver on a case by case basis.

- The City of Portageville understands these new mail delivery regulations are upsetting to many residents; however, as these are federal regulations, the City suggests that all questions or concerns be directed to the US Postal Service.

Thank you!